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a-ads.com (AnonymousAds) – Anonymous Bitcoin Advertising Network | Legit (Payments Recived)

This review is based on my first hand experience.


AnonymousAds is an unique advertising network. The only reimburse method is done in bitcoins only. All publishers and advertisers are paid and received  the payments in bitcoins for displaying ads on website.

Anonymous Ads is an advertising platform that focus on anonymity.Participant doesn’t required to give personal information. Furthermore, Anonymous ads units neither contain scripts nor use cookies it is a simple i-frame code.

Anonymous Ads provides fully automatic Bitcoin withdrawals directly to your personal bitcoin wallet or to your Anonymous Ads account. The balance can be used as advertising credit. The network has no geo restrictions and advertisers can earn additional credits through referrers programs.

Who can join AnonymousAds ?

Everyone who has a site(or even without one) can sign up the advertising campaign.
a-ads.com offers revenue sharing of 50% of fees received from advertisers and the affiliates that adhered with their account. They paid out over 44 btc in over 85 thousands of rewards (all are public and transparent).

Everything is sophistic-ally simple. No registration required. Just create an ad unit, and choose your filters. Filled up your bitcoin wallet address for payment, and your done.

You just need to embed the ads code into your site and you can keep track of your stats by bookmarking the ad unit page you just created.

Moreover, you can set up your account to have additional access to the detail stats as well as managing your ad units, tracking stats and have access to all settings including withdrawal limit, bitcoin address etc.

I have tested the site before and were paid timely. I had been using it for two years across many of articles/sites and had been receiving btc from a-ads.com constantly.

A-ads.com terms and details,

Pay per click:  Floating rates and earnings vary. 
Minimum Withdrawal: Min 0.0001 Ƀ, once per 24 hours threshold.
Withdrawal Period: Instant.
Payment Methods: Bitcoin.
Referral Remunerations: They pay affiliates 50% of fees collected from referred advertisers.
Direct Referral Limit: No limit, 

Inactivity policy: Site doesn’t state that it will eraseor reset any idle accounts. it is absolutely possible to register to this site without registration, so everyone should be assured about account suspension.

All Countries accepted: everyone is welcome to participate.
Script: Custom.
Owner/Alias: Arsen Gasparyan of Russia.

One great selling point of a-ads is everybody can participate in a-ads.com affiliate program. Additionally, you might don’t even to own a web site neither a user account to participate. You just need a BTC wallet and all statistics are available in real-time plus all payment are done automatically. It is one of the easiest way for anyone especially with internet marketers to earn Bitcoin.

Ad Unit

There are three type of ad units to wager.

1. Ad Unit for site – the ad unit will be categorized within 24 hours and than will shown in Anonymous ads catalog.

2. Ad Unit for app – This ad unit is used for apps, browser extensions or hidden sites, this ad unit type is not being categorized.

3. Ad Unit for affiliate – used to participate the Anonymous ads revenue share program: The advertisers will pay the publishers based on their campaign impressions and click-through rate.

Publishers can decide which type of content are not allowed to be displayed on their site. Of course, disallowing major segments will affect the revenue.

The bitcoin revenue metrics are based on quality and category of particular ad unit. Only globally unique clicks and unique impressions are counted.

A-ads.com Payment Plan

Withdrawal limits:

Currently, Anonymous Ads raise the minimum withdrawal threshold to 0.001 BTC and the default withdrawal threshold to 0.002 BTC. These were reinforced to address the Bitcoin clogging issues. The minimum set before was only 0.00001 btc!

Anonymous Ads has a lowest possible payout cap. Compared to other big advertisement networks the minimum payout usually ranging from $5 to $100. A-ads.com only minimum withdrawal is only 0.0001 BTC. That minimum payout is very low so you can cash out almost every day with the least amount of traffic.

They will pay you automatically every 24 hours once you reach the minimum payout threshold so if you deploy their ads code on your blog. Everything can be set in the setting.

Anywhere, there is another way to cash out the minimum is 0.001 BTC . Anyone still can withdraw smaller amount to a micro-payment system called FaucetSystem a user-agnostic service that amasses off-chain micro-transactions. But i haven’t try this method yet. Buy you are free to try and please give us the feedback on the service if you would try them.

Referral Program

Publisher can generate extra income by promoting the a-ads.com affiliate program. Anyone can refer new publisher as well as new advertisers. to earn the further 50% revenue-sharing earnings. Looking to earn more? go to a-ads.com/affiliate_programs and setup your referrer code with the pre-made referral banner for advertiser!

Why A-ads is Ideal For Small Blogger and Now Is The Perfect?

Why a-ads.com remain a small player in the lucrative ad-network ecosystem now?

The online advertising sphere is still dominated by big players such as google AdSense, Infolinks and Facebook ads etc.  Many bloggers are till unaware or skeptical about Bitcoin. Many don’t even know what BTC wallet is, let alone how to create one. I am sure you knew what is cryptocurrency is, since you are reading on a cryptocurrency dedicated site. So, this is the best time to be among the first to promote a-ads.com to earn additional money or better still ‘free’ bitcoins.

In the event you really not sure what Bitcoin is? You can not differentiate between Bitcoin and bitcoins? The best solution is google it, you can find thousands of articles about Bitcoin.

Minimum Web Traffic Requirements?

There are no minimum traffic requisite to join anonymous ads, that’s another cool features of this network. Everyone can promote the ads campaign, even if you can only generate 100 daily pageviews.

However, keep in mind the more page impressions the more frequent of the display ads and hence the more numbers of bitcoins you can earn.

My daily impression count are well over 2,000 and with that page views my account can achieve the payout limit in one day. So with that little numbers of daily hits you can still get bitcoins payout consistently, image how many bitcoins if you have with 10k page views a day!

Payment Proof

I won’t have composed this review about a-ads.com if i don’t have any concrete evidence. I can assure you that a-ads.com or anonymous ads is legitimate and advertisement network that pay.

I think a-ads is one of the best, reliable and ‘worry-free’ Bitcoin advertising network now. Just take a look at the bitcoins that transferred into my bitcoins wallet. The transaction records of the btc address can be view publicly at blockchain.info to further validation.

Payment Proof
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