Earn money with Yandex Toloka – How to Earn Money with Yandex

In order to use Yandex Toloka you have to be a member first. If you want to work on the mobile application, you will also need to download the Yandex Toloka mobile application. You are a good member, but how does the Yandex Toloka system work? What do you mean on the page? Let’s try to explain all this with a picture.

You have to have a Yandex account to register for the program. We go to https://toloka.yandex.com/ and register. After registration is over, you will be presented with an image like this.

This page is a tasks page. Tasks submitted for your completion are listed. Explanations of the links on the page;

1- Your tasks are listed here. The page you see on the screen belongs to the tasks tab. The tasks are listed below. If you can not see it, there are 6 tasks now.

2- Your tasks are listed there. Since I do not have the task that I am doing, even if I click on it, there will be a blank page.

3- Your profile is your page.

4 – Messages from Toloka or from orderers are displayed here.

5- Not very specific about Toloka; but it is a forum page that sees your business.

6- You can select how to list the tasks listed below from the field 6.

7 – Before you start the quest, please review the details of the task. This is very important. The better you do the task, the higher your score will be. The higher your score, the more tasks you will receive and the more tasks you will receive.

8- Fee per mission.

9- You will receive training before the tasks. If you get a high score, the task will be defined to you.

10- You can remove content that you do not like. For example, if you do not want +18 content, you will need to remove it here.

11- Some tasks pass through the front row. So the orderer examines the task you do. Here is the chance of winning up to this review results will appear here.

12- The amount you deserve appears here. I deserved $ 3.52. If I want this amount I can show.

13- I deleted it but you will see your username here.

Explanation of the Profile Page:

1- You have earned the puire according to the number and quality of the tasks you perform. The higher the better, the better. My score is too low because I have not worked for a long time.
2- It is the page that appears on the screen.
3- Show the money you draw.


4 – Show your past transactions. As you can see, 953 tasks complete. 8 is rejected. I have also qualified for $ 65.83.


5-1 Graphical representation of the Description.

As you can see, Yandex Toloka is doing a lot of work. Even though the charges are slightly lower, you can still get a small amount of savings.

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  • May 28, 2020 at 5:32 pm

    Great post bro. I found out about this site through an ad. I registered and have earn about $0.19. Quite low I’ll keep trying.

    Your article gave me an headstart. Thanks

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