Google AdWords Bridge Page Policy – How to Avoid this Policy Violation.

Google AdWords Bridge Page Policy, How to Avoid this Policy Violation.

 Hi All,

I am here to discuss and de-mystify some myths about Bridge Page site policy. Google AdWords aims at offering top class experience to the users and a site’s compliance with Bridge page policy does just that. If your site is a Bridge page, before you decide to advertise the site with AdWords, make sure that your site complies with this policy to avoid site suspension in the first place. By complying with this policy, you not only avoid site suspension but teach and educate your users more about your service/products which in turn benefits you, as an advertiser.

First things first!! What is a bridge page?

As most of you may know, bridge pages are doorway pages, whose main purpose is to lead users to 3rd party sites. Yet this policy confuses many of you. To make things simple, let me clarify that the sites providing little valuable and useful content but intending to lead users to 3rd party sites where the actual purpose is fulfilled, are considered to be bridge pages.

Does this mean that sites cannot have links to external sites, in order to comply with Bridge Page policy?
The answer is a “no”. Sites can have links to external sites, provided their own website delivers a very enriching and comprehensive experience to the visitors. In simple words, make sure that your site has substantial amount of unique, relevant content and offers a great experience to the users.

The basic principle is to provide as much value to the advertiser as possible before leading them to external sites. That way it is a win – win situation. You can continue to have external links, comply with our policy and also end up keeping the users engaged on your site.

Below are a few suggestions that can help a site justify the external links and thus comply with Bridge Page policy.


If it is essential for you to link to other external site, try and include ‘original’ information about the services/products you offer on your site. This will allow the users to have a clear idea of the service/products being offered when they are on your site domain itself. In other words, the content on your site needs to justify why a user should visit this site, when they can actually get the same service/product they want to, on the 3rd party site directly even without visiting your site.

For example: If your site bridges to say “” in order for the sale of products, what is the purpose of users visiting your site when they can get the product directly from “”. What additional value does your site provide to the users so that they visit your site more often? What makes your site and the user’s experience unique?

To answer these questions, I have given examples of few features that can add more value to the site.


If a site has a number of products/services to offer, one awesome way to organise the content is using a sort or a filter function. This helps users to navigate through the site easily.


Providing comparison of prices, features of the products is a great way of keeping users engaged on your site and will help them make an informed decision before they visit the external links.


Having user reviews, commenting feature and clickable rating gives users an opportunity to post their views and opinion about the products/services offered on the site and thus improve their overall experience on the site.

Such features can help justify bridging and moreover add great user value and improve the quality of your site, which in turn will help users and they will want to visit your site more often for better deals/offers.

Please note, the above points are just a few examples and feel free to add features you think are apt for your site and which will help your site not to be classified as a Bridge Page.

If you are not able to add useful content and features, to support the 3rd party links that your site has, I am afraid the only alternate way to comply is by removing the links to other external sites.

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